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Recently booked holiday to the Greek islands

Putting together an HG itinerary is a bit of a black art. Up to a point we can know (or suspect based on last year) when ferries will run, which places warrant longer or shorter stays, what connecting time risks are reasonable, which combinations of islands are preposterous, and of course what is likely to suit you personally.

But each trip is handcrafted and having put together something which just, well, works, its not uncommon, as its fresh in the mind and we're proud of it, for the next unsuspecting client to be offered a similar holiday.

So here is one recently booked trip for your delectation..... Tailor made. But for somebody else. Hey ho. If you like it mention the reference number and we'll do our best to tweak it to fit..

Holiday HG24034 for 4
booked 13/02/2024, departing : 23/07/2024

London Gatwick (North Terminal) - Mykonos 23/07/2024 0905-1500
Athens - London Gatwick (North Terminal) 01/08/2024 2055-2255
Staying at...
Naxos for 4 nights Quadruple Studio
Paros for 4 nights Quadruple Room
Athens for 1 nights Quadruple Family Room
and including...
Ferry 23/07/2024 Mykonos to Naxos Terajet
Ferry 27/07/2024 Naxos to Paros Blue Star 1
Ferry 31/07/2024 Paros to Piraeus Blue Star 1
at a cost of 3,828.00