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Size: piddling
Martian Risk:
considerable for its size

Just a hop by bus from Rhodes to Kamiros and a skip by caique from there bring you to Halki, a rugged, rocky island with a gentle, picturesque harbour and village on the sheltered south coast. There is no other habitation, although there once was at the old chora, perched on a hill top and now the magnet for many a pre-dinner nearly vertical stroll. Other than that, activity is restricted to enjoying the nice sandy town beach and taverna, the evening life outside lots more tavernas on the waterfront and the occasional caique trip to a deserted nearby island or just an inaccessible cove on Halki itself.

St Nicholas Hotel Halki

St Nicholas Hotel showing superb position

Halki: pastel shades and rugged hills


Halki: the water-front


Halki: still life-cycle on the harbour


Halki: glimpse of harbour with designer rubble


Halki: village beach and shady taverna beyond


St Nicholas Boutique Hotel

AWAITING INFORMATION It has now been refurbished, renamed and recently(2017) reopened as Aretanassa Hotel. We featured this hotel (formerly Hiona Art Hotel) for years until the Community took it back into care for extensive renovation before re-opening in 2008. Then closing again! It graces the southern tip of the harbour which forms a natural terrace with a stunning view across to the string of tavernas on the quayside. Handy for all the water-front life, but just out of earshot.  Cat 3+* All rooms balcony with sea view. Free wifi in public areas.

Hotel Halki


Enquire about: flights + accom'n at St Nicholas Hotel

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